Tea Measure - Bamboo

Some people like to use their hand, others like to use special equipment designed through time and experience.

Of course, I am talking about how one measures the tea and the spooning of the tea (6) into the tea pot. Unless you are using your hand, this is usually done using a bamboo spoon.

(Picture was taken from the Tea Museum in Pinglin – the largest tea museum in the world)

I prefer to use a bamboo spoon to my hand as I usually spill most of the tea outside the tea pot. Furthermore, the hands need to be clean as tea will easily absorb the smells and tastes from your hand, be careful not to get a “dove cha”. It is also easier to measure the amount of tea I will use (unless I use a digital scale).

With this in mind I came across these two beautiful bamboo spoons/measure. Needless to say, they look nicer in real.

The next one is a part of a set of which the owner was only able to acquire two parts of.

While I am talking bamboo I came across this today:

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