Yingge - "If I was a rich man lalala lala lala.."

There is a dilemma when going to Yingge. It does not matter how much money you bring with you, you are likely to spend it all. If you take no money with you, you will forever regret it!

Yingge for those who don't know is the ceramic capital of - at least Taiwan. Tea pot is of course the "father" of a good tea, so if you are after an excellent pot you should be feel comfortable here.

As you can see on your left there is more then just tea pots in this place.

Here are some of the beautiful works of art I came across.

But what I saw for the first time and got me excited was not so much the "traditional clay pots" as the stone pots.

Looking at this I wondered how the stone would affect the tea brewing. So I bought one!

As soon as I got home I started to heat up the water... .
Warming up the pot I realised the water coming out was very yellow and smelled bad.

My guess is that this is some oil the artist use for his tool. If you happen to know exactly what it is, I would appreciate your comment. Furthermore, if you have any idea how this pot would age, please also let me know (I was too excited to ask the shop keeper).

The tissue paper is to illustrate what I scrapped from the bottom of the pot after 10 washes!!! By now I washed it 20!!! more times and have a feeling that I will be using it soon. Be sure that I will let you know how the tea brewed in this amazing looking pot differs from my yixing pot.

Moral of the story - make a budget (high one) before you go to Yingge.


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