27 Shades of Yellow

Recently I posted a quiz.
Shades of Yellow

A single "Yellow Label" tea from Lipton contains tea from some 27 different tea regions around the globe.

I was very surprised both from the many comments/guesses I received and how close so many of you were to this not-exact number. I would not have done so well myself :-(

Some of the reasons for this seemingly large number is of course that Lipton needs to standardize their tea. When you pick a "Yellow Label" you always want it so taste the same, if not, at least you know what you will get. In order for Lipton to reduce their dependency on weather and other factors affecting the tea, they need to get a large pool of suppliers. They then blend it accordingly.
Furthermore, if they only bought their teas from say the Assam region, there would be greater fluctuations in price and their teas will be associated with Assam too much, not to say it will be much more expensive for anyone buying it.

The winner of the Shades of Yellow quiz is "Net".
If you get the chance to read this, please identify yourself writing to the following email

There is a prize waiting for you.

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