Short Story, Long Life

(The new face of Chanel?)

Jeanne Calment of Arles is the Guinness book "oldest person ever".
When asked on her 120th birthday what kind of future she expect to have, she answered: "A very short one." (who the hell asked this?)

Jeanne used olive oil with nearly every meal.
Moreover, Jeanne used to rub olive oil on her skin.
So when asked on her 121st birthday how she made it her answer was obvious "olive oil".
"I have only one wrinkle" she said "and I am sitting on it".


Anonymous said...


It reminds me of an encounter we had last summer with an old lady (Ester I think was her name)
and when u asked her:
"what is your secret",
she answered..

"I like to bump into young educated boys and invite them for a TEA PARTY, I realy get a kick out of that..."

Ido said...

Never ever give your blog's address to friends and family.

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