ADMINISTRATIVE NOTE (as seen on Mary R's website)

The winner of this year's competition is:


(winning never tasted so sweet)

If you would like to thank your parents for winning feel free, but please make sure you also don't forget to email me your address! ;-)

Mary R my heart goes out for you. You join the next competition automatically! (yesssss) Though I am not sure when or if it will take place ;-)


Mary R said...

All I saw was a woman fellating a trophy...followed in short order by my name. Now, let me show you my internal monologue at this moment:

"Damn...that's a trophy, bless her clueless heart. Heart goes out for...what the? Huh? What? WHAT? Giant competition automatically WHAT?!?! Oh, mercy no! *click* Oh, the freaking OIL! Oh thank god."

I don't know whether to laugh hysterically or to worry about my dirty, dirty mind.

Ido said...

Marry in Israel we have a politician called Shimon Peres.
Allow me to quote from the TIME magazine.
"At a Labor convention three years ago, Peres famously addressed the crowd: "They say I am a loser. Am I a loser?" His fellow party members thundered back, "YES!".

Of course you are not a loser! It it the participation that counts..(ok..).
I will see what I can get for you ;-)
Please send me your address.

TeaMasters said...

I saw the same 'thing'. Shame on you Ido ;)!

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