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Towards the end of next week if everything goes according to plan a post office clerk will be asking me the following: “Does this parcel contain anything fragile, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous?”
To the fact that each parcel will most likely read “Fragile, liquid material, oil”, I will put my most serious face and reply “No”.
Thanks for the courage Phyll!

Six parcels will be sent to six lucky(?) people.

These are:
Stephane (because I really, really want his teas – hint! – and I like him ;-)
Phyll (because he is the main commentator of this site – and I like him)
V.L (because he needs to have something other then Puerh ;-) – and I like him)
Tea Parker (a proof that you don’t even need to read this site to receive it -and of course I like him)
Lin (a proof that you don’t even need to run a blog, it is enough to be my friend).
To celebrate this occasion, I went the other day to a bottle supplier to chose - a bottle. These are some of the more appropriate designs I came across.

(A - far left, B,C,D, the bottle on the far right is not yet available in darker glass to please don't bother with it)

The last parcel can be on the way to anyone of the readers of this blog.

All you need to do is to comment on which of the bottles designs you prefer - starting with your favorite– even if you don’t like any of them. In which case I would appreciate if you could describe what sort of bottle designs you would like - this goes also to the already 'lucky' ones - if you read this.
Don’t forget to add your name. If you have a common name just add a random number to the end of it. But I don’t think there will be any duplicates – let’s face it!

Towards the middle of next week I will announce the winner (random pick-promise), in which case it will be appreciated if you then send me your shipping address.

A word about the bottles.
There is a reason why these bottles are only 250ml (other me trying to save on shipping and material costs ;-), the three main enemies to olive oil are oxygen, light and temperature. Oxidation can be minimized with the size of the bottle – the sooner you finish it the less likely it is to get too oxidized, it also helps to have a long narrow bottle. Light can be minimized with a darker bottle. As for temperature, try to store it at temperature at no more then 28 Celsius (82 F) and never at direct sun light – ideally cool dark place.

As for my reasons for choosing glass as the bottle material I will explain next week.


TeaMasters said...

Toda rabba Ido! I'm just finishing the first bottle of Maim Eden, the mineral water you brought me to wash off the old puerh I just brewed. It's really nice to have this water on a Christian holiday (a holy day, even!) I would have drunk some of your olive oil, but unfortunately I finished it long time ago, because it was so good (and you said it wouldn't improve with age!) So, I'm very glad to read that I will soon receive a new arrival!

As for the bottles, I like A and C best and D the least (the handle is too small and I always feel the olive oil doesn't come out well with this one).

A has a very modern, high quality, high purity feel. Slick, simple design. Probably also easier to pack and ship.

C would be suitable for a very authentic, traditional olive oil, because the shape is like a roman amphor.

I'm curious to read why metal won't do.

Vladimir Lukiyanov said...



C and D seem pretty and a little rustic, I'm not sure how practical they are though (especially C)

thanks :)


~ Phyll said...

Thank you very much, Ido! But how come you also like so many other people aside from me? :( :D

Watch blog's name may change to "Adventures in Tea, Wine & Ido's Olive Oil From Israel"!

Bottles -- I like C the most (the jug shape with 2 ears).

Mary R said...

Hi! New reader here, thanks to the comments you left on Phyll's "Pop Quiz!" post and Brent's "Tea Nerd" blog. I'm having a blast reading your archives bit by bit while I'm supposed to be working. You've got a great site.

Anyway, my vote's for C. I really like the amphora shape, smooth lines, and darker glass color. Of course, D is a bonnie wee little jug too!

Danica said...

Hi Ido,

I like C the best because it is round like the taste of olive oil, and it beckons the hand to reach out and choose the bottle. It is also nice for display on the table, if people want to make their own olive oil dressing.

I like A the next best because it is utilitarian and simple. You can mess it up and you wont mind throwing it away when you're done. It's not trying too hard, it's like a great pair of jeans--casual, but you can dress it up.

D is my third favorite because I like round shapes, but it looks wide and hard to hold.

B is my least favorite, it's like A but trying much harder to be cool. Like jeans with too much embellishment. It might look good on a grocery store shelf but it feels unbalanced--too skinny and tall.

Thanks for your cool blog, by the way. Although I don't usually post I do read it and enjoy it thoroughly.

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