In the Memory of "Little Miss Sunshine"

It is with tears and sorrow that I have to announce that what has come to be known "Little Miss Sunshine" is no longer with us.

For those who did not follow, little miss sunshine has been a little (yet great!) olive-tree twig that I-we followed the development of for some three weeks (1, 2, 3).

It has been reported to me that Little Miss Sunshine had a "frontal collision" with the replacement gardener. The gardener is well (wait until I get him!).

Little Miss Sunshine best moment... .

("Let the sun shine, let the sun shine...")

Upon hearing this I felt like 'climbing a tree'! - Literally - So I did.
I have taken a picture of the same olive tree at about the exact location only some 1 meter higher.

You are more then welcome to give this twig a name - specially you Lin.


May we all live long, healthy, happy and moral life.

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