In Search Of Location

It is not a secret that I wish to open a tea house.

Some time ago it seemed to me like I found the most amazing place to realise this dream.
Next to an affluent population mainly of anglo-saxon for whom tea is embedded in their arteries I found a beautiful place, surrounded by silence only broken by the occasional over mature fruit falling on the ground and the singing of the birds - the rent was not so high as to kill the business if the first year proved to be very, very dry (its important to keep enough money to for the business to function through some hard times).

More then enough parking places, paper work, not too big or too small ... .
It seemed too good to be true.

It was too good to be true.

In two years some 7 meters from the main entrance 5 meters deep ('open roof') in the grounds there is going to be a busy highway. With all the construction and the disappearing silence - I was afraid my business will be buried even deeper. I no longer could envisage my place in there.
Maybe I was too picky.


Anonymous said...

It could still work for you. Open now as a tea house and you will need to expand in a few years. Your tea house will be near a new highway and you can sell your building for 10x the money. Only problem is you will forget I gave you this great advice and I won't share your profits :-(

Ido said...

I did not know Donald Trump was reading my blog ;)

The problem is the only access there is to the highway is to its noise.

If I lost my money I would even know what you have for breakfast (not sure I would be able to afford it though).

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