Please Open Your Heart and Wallet!

For some reasons beyond the scope of this blog, I visited a hospital today.

Everyone knows what is going on in hospitals (i.e. how fragile our lives are), but sometimes we need to get reminded -yet again - how lucky we are.

On the way back from hospital I was thinking "what can I do?".

My blog perhaps has the smallest readership on web, but I believe in you(!), which is why I am conducting an auction here.

I have two tea olive-tree spoons. One of which will be auctioned here.

("Serving Suggestion")
  • The starting price is 20 USD.
  • The auction will end on the 3rd of June (12 pm GMT).
If you happened to make the biggest bid by then, all you have to do is donate that amount of money to your 'favorite' hospital.

As soon as you have completed this, you should email me (see profile) with the following:

1) Either some sort of receipt or giving me your word that you have donated that sum.

2) Shipping address.

Don't forget that the donation you are likely to give is tax deductible so it is better to keep the receipt.

Please leave your bids in the comment box.

Thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

25 USD la !!!!!

Ido said...

Thats a good start Lin.

Do I see 26?

Ido said...

In order to demonstrate leadership, courage, humanity, good will, character, modesty... and good looks.
Yechezkel and I will serve some delicious tea at the Oncology Department in our local hospital.


Ido said...

Hi Lin, you are the lucky winner of this auction.
Since I already know you I will get in touch by email :)


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