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The Certificate
I have just finished the first stage a very intensive short course (not the last) of becoming a - "Professional Olive Oil Taster" certified by the International Olive Oil Council - nice!

It will take me a long time to internalise all the things that were taught, but most of all I need to practice, practice, practice ... practice.

All will be revealed in the future.

Every time someone mentions the word "shopping" I get a twitch.
I hate to go shopping for almost anything.
Some three weeks ago I was asked by a friend to join in a rather unconventional shopping spree.
My friend went to shop for an ancient olive tree.
A lot can be said about ancient olive trees, but they are not economical to the farmer and this simple fact is sometimes good enough to give them a "new home" in the best case or cut their future short in the worst. Upon asking an old farmer once why he sold his ancient olive tree, with tears in his eyes he simply replied "money!".

So what does money buy you these days?
("I look younger then I am")

For a mere 3200 USD (prior to negotiations)you can buy this Souri variety olive tree. How old? the shop owner estimated it at 800-1000 years. Now, I am by no means able to tell the age of olive trees. However, I have seen trees reported to be 800-1000 (and even more). Most looked much older others, less. I have no idea!

Travelling across the country I came across quite a few of this ancient olive trees supermarket. They are sometimes huge (500 very ancient olive trees and many others around 200 years - reportedly).

To be honest I found it difficult to look at it. Its not that the trees were stolen or anything, each tree is in fact very well documented. Huge, beautiful trees out of context if one can say that. However sad we were, we ended up buying 300 ancient trees... . Not exactly.
Actually we ended up with nothing. Ironically we did not find a young(!) enough tree - code word for "in price range". I can see my self coming back to one of these places if only to study the trees. Hopefully these trees find a nice caring home.
P.s. I am going to Italy towards the end of the week for two weeks, can't wait to see their olive trees and mills.


Mary R said...

"I am going to Italy towards the end of the week for two weeks, can't wait to see their olive trees and mills."

I. Am. So. Jealous.

That being said, those are gorgeous trees! It was a bit funny, but looking at those pictures all those Greek myths about gods turning women into trees made sense. You can really see different figures in them. Absolutely lovely.

Congratulations on making the first step towards certification, and have a great time in Italy!

Ido said...

Thank you Ms.R. for your kind words.and.jealousy.

you are absolutly right, ancient olive trees have something that not even clouds have.

Who knows, maybe if you look long enough into these olive trees you might just about see Italy too... ;)

Vladimir Lukiyanov said...

Beautiful trees indeed...

Have a great time in Italy!


~ Phyll said...
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~ Phyll said...

Congratulations, Ido, way to go!
Best wishes for a great trip!


Felipe S. said...

Ciao Ido! Have a nice trip! If you are passing by on this side of Germany don't forget to call me. Congratulations on the certificate!

Bill said...

How freaking cool is that! I didn't even now such a thing existed! Good for you! CONGRATS!

Olive Oil said...

Great pics. I am having fun discovering your blog. Thanks for your link to mine



Ido said...

Hi Rachel, you are welcome (link) :)
I am having fun reading yours.

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