Designer Tomatoes

I don’t like shopping very much, but the fruit and vegetable market always holds new, interesting and tasty things for me. When it comes to the “duties for the house” mine includes – amongst not so many things - buying the fruits and vegetables as well as emptying the bin - occasionally.

I love strolling by the “stalls listening to all the bargaining going, even participating in it myself when I see fit. Taking a bite here and there when ever offered. Not to be “out done” by everyone occasionally I might lift a water-melon and tap to listen as to how ripe it might be.

Occasionally I might find an “interesting looking” orange, potato or tomato. This kind of stuff excites me a little bit. So imagine how excited I was when I found these three tomatoes almost next to each other.

"Satan's Gift?"

I love tomatoes, my nephew loves them even more, but in a world of fanaticism even Tomatoes are not safe.

Have a look at “Tomatoes are Evil

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