Kfar-Saba's Tea Association Most Successful Event - To Date

A few minutes ago I arrived home from the hospital. The Kfar-Saba Tea Association (that’s Yechezkel and I) decided on preparing a traditional tea ceremony for the doctors, nurses and patients.

Initially the idea was to visit the oncology department since the antioxidants in tea are much talked about. We were some what surprised that such a department does not exist at our local hospital. Hence, we decided upon “the closest thing”.

Lessons we learned for next time
The timing was some what odd as it was late (we arrived there at 9.30 pm) but our philosophy is that happy doctors and nurses equals better treatment for patients. Moreover, we could not get there earlier.

If you are planning a similar experience, there following might be of some consideration to you. Find out the shift times. We arrived just as the old shift was leaving – so they mainly cared to go home.
Furthermore, the new shift just got busy, and could not justify a break as well as being very busy. Talking about this to the nurses they suggested we come when they take a break.
Another tip we received was to come at the “quiet zone time”. Find out when these are.

We also found out that the ‘unusual equipment’ (that's the yixing pots) and some interesting descriptions and perhaps a story about the tea got their interest. However, try not to push it too far as they really just want to take a break and clear their minds.
There is no use in bringing more then 3 (ideally perhaps 2) tea varieties as each break is at most 30 minutes after which you get to sit in the kitchen for hours upon hours drinking the tea and eating the cakes you brought – make sure you leave lots of cakes.
It is important to note that some people are turned off by previous tea experience they had and would not dare to taste tea no matter how different it tastes – again, bring lots of cakes as these are always a winner.

We literally surprised them with our initiative and this had some bad consequences too. The staff members were some what too shy to even enter their own kitchen. It might be useful to coordinate this kind of thing perhaps leaving a notice that you will arrive the next day.

We would appreciate any other comments you might have as to make this whole experience more positive, efficient and entertaining.

So what did we achieve?
The staff felt appreciated and their morale was definitely high (might have nothing to do with us though). It is a very rewarding experience to see refreshed nurses that felt their life saving work is greatly appreciated. Needless to say we increased the awareness of good tea.

A truly fascinating experience the Kfar-Saba Tea Association is already looking forward to repeat - this time better prepared.

As for me, I will continue to enjoy my tea, however, once in a while I will have it in this special place where I can let others enjoy with me and perhaps make their lives a little bit easier.

Although it may seem like it, I am not trying to preach, just telling about a new way I realized that can bring my tea experience a whole level higher and perhaps even into a new dimension.

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