How Old Are You - Really?

They say when a human is born with two certificates, a “birth certificate” and a “death certificate”. The difference is that on the death certificate there is no date stamped.

Depending where you live, oil olive producers usually state the “best before” date but not the “pressing date”. And if they do state a “birth date” it is usually the “bottling date” which can take place much later then one might want it to… .

A Tip:
In general don’t buy olive oil a year after it has been pressed.

An Old Joke

Doctor: The tests show that your cancer is advanced. You have six months to live.
Patient: But, doc, I can't pay off my medical bills in six months.
Doctor: In that case, you have six months more.

Some olive oil producers mix old olive oil with new olive oil to “prolong the life” (and reduce costs) of their products.

Have a trusted source.

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