Look but don’t Touch

(Source: Food Portfolio)

Imagine a delicious, rich and creamy Swiss chocolate melting on your tongue … Hmmmm.

A mouth-watering strawberry sorbet that sharpens all your senses and stings you in the right places. Ohhh….

Just how many times do you find yourself reading through the dessert menu eventually choosing the best looking dessert?

The way food looks has a lot to do with the way we react to it.
Moreover, identical meals will not taste the same when presented differently, or even at different settings.

I wonder, what would a cooking books be without the pictures?

(source: Food Portfolio)

Would we still be fill our home libraries with tasteless looking "algorithms"?

(more than an algorithm)

(source: Marty Kelly)

- The Eyes are Bigger than the Stomach -

After a satisfying, great tasting and eye catching meal our brain rewards us with Endorphins, endogenous opioid biochemical compounds activity that has the ability to produce a feeling of “well being”. "Hmmmm....Ohhhh.....".

Indeed, we often eat in order to become satisfied and to pursue pleasure.

It is therefore no surprise that chefs put almost as much energy into making the meals more visually appealing as they put into cooking them.

It is with this in mind (good looks help) and the fact that my blog is perhaps the ugliest, worst written blog, that I decided to buy a semi-professional camera at the duty-free.

To try to activate some "endorphin production" in myself if not the readers.

Unfortunately, a great camera alone is just not good enough. So, last night I browsed the web in order to learn a bit about "food photography".

Perhaps its only wishful thinking, but from what I understand, whereas before it took a great chefs, a studio, professional lightings, stylists, hours of hard work, expensive and difficult-to-handle camera and a photographer. Nowadays, one only needs a much cheaper and smaller camera (relatively speaking), some creativity, good recipes and like everything in life a ton of practice.

- Food For Thought -

A must read for any aspiring "food bloger": Food Photography

Food Portfolio (a must see, my favorite food photography blog)

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My favorite cooking technique book:

Le Cordon Bleu's Complete Cooking Techniques

My favorite recipes book:

Perfect Recipes for Having People Over by Pamela Anderson (not that Pam)

Recipes with pictures:

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Food Images:

Food Portfolio (just awesome)

Marty Kelly


Food Image

At a certain short stage in my life, upon reading that women fancy men that can cook, I seriously considered purchasing some cooking books merely to impress.
This was just shortly before I seriously considered the "walking the puppy" option. Those were the days... .

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