A Monument for Coffee

It’s the latest craze! (at least in my office)

When talked about it, one is likely to hear comments such as:

“Mine can be controlled over the web”
“Mine is a classical beauty”
“Mine looks 20 years old”
“Mine spoils me every morning”
“Mine knows my taste better than my wife”
“Mine is more satisfying then my husband”
“Mine is Italian”
“Mine French”

No, I am not talking about comparing houses, cars, cell phones, fridges, wives or lovers – that’s so yesterday.

I am talking about coffee machines.

A statue symbol that can be found even in non coffee drinking houses!

Sadly, we seem to live in a society that compares and envy everyone and everything.
There is a greater detachment from meaningful values or even functionality. Nowadays (it been like this for a while now) it’s more about the “It Girls” or the “must have” cell phone (O.K the iPhone is really a must have!). Too much emphasis is put on exterior values (isn’t the iPhone just a beauty?).
A society whose values are not anchored in morality, ethics or even functionality, but in wants, “must haves” and the media.

We judge ourselves according to what they have and do. The “they” (celebrities et al.) are determined by the popular media and made into meaningless symbols created to fuel our consumption habits.

It’s a world (mainly the "West") more properly described by what we ought to have rather then who we ought to be and do.

The coffee machine is perhaps just the latest in fashion and status symbol. We are victims!

Or is it so?

Yes, like the cross trainer I recently bought, a coffee machine at the wrong hands will cease to be used after three weeks and end up as some sort of monuments of an Ideal (good coffee at six o’clock in the morning while wearing only boxer short and a t-shirt).
However, coffee machines like the cross trainer can be useful and enjoyable to use.

A list of a good and very good coffee machines owned by co-workers
Jura Z5 Chrome

A mere $4,295.00

Ideal for the ultra chic home/office.

Fully automated and basically idiot proof machine.
Makes popular coffees.

How does the coffee taste?
Rich and creamy, full of the right flavours and aroma.

What does this coffee machine tell about you?
If you can afford it without a mortgage than you are probably not affected by the latest credit risk.

NESPRESSO Siemens by Porsche Design (owned by a stunning 2/7 of the work force)

Cost: $1200

Stylish, quick and easy.

Constantly good coffee. However, you will never be able to improve on the coffee with this machine. We have one at the office.
What does it tell about you?
You like your office too much you wish it was your home.

What coffee machine do you own?


Mary R said...

"If you can afford it without a mortgage than you are probably not affected by the latest credit risk."

Oh my God, I almost broke a rib laughing.

These are some serious machines...I can't say I'd ever get that into coffee. A French press is probably as high tech as I'll get.

Ido said...

Hi Mary (or are you simply known now as "Between the Leaves"?:)

I hope it was not painful... .

Looking forward to read your articles as the first lady of tea. Are you starting on September?

Anonymous said...

keurig. every cup is as good as the last. tea is my talent. but i do like caffeine.

TeaMasters said...

I don't have a coffee machine. Thanks to you, Ido, I don't need one. I just pour the hot water on the coffee in my cup, using the 'turkish' coffee you brought me.
What does this tell about me? I must be a very poor guy (not even paying for the coffee), or completely tea crazy!

Ido said...

Dear Stephane

I think it means you have a very good friend ;->

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