Deadly Embarrassing - Olive Oil Labels

It was very hot outside, cool and comfortable inside.

We just finished a very satisfying and successful business meal in a hotel restaurant facing the Dead Sea.

One of the two business associates, a female, just came back from the restroom and remarked that it was kept rather poor for a five star hotel. “It looks more like a ‘male toilet’” she said. I remember vividly thinking to me, as I am sure was the other male business associate, “interesting comment coming from such a serious woman”.

Anyways, I paid the bill and excused myself to go the rest room down stairs where there was also an interesting shaped pool.

Upon entering the toilet I chuckled to myself “Not too bad - for a ‘male toilet’. She should have come here”. I checked the first cubicle on the left; I will save you the details. The second cubicle had “only paper” on the floor so I decided to ‘go for it’. I will save you all the details yet again.
Suffice to say that I could hear the main door getting opened and closed several times.

Upon finishing I flashed the toilet and opened the door. After what must have been about two steps I looked up straight and to my surprise I was staring at four and a half pairs of breast and three hard to describe faces (one and half pairs of the breasts were a reflection).

“What is going on here?” one lady exclaimed.

“What are you doing here?” the other one yelled.

“I guess I won’t be washing my hands here” I replied hoping my ‘natural charm’ will somehow work its miracle.

“I am so SORRY. I am not a pervert! PROMISE!”, “Just misread the door sign, sorry” I continued saying, hoping to get to the door somehow while looking down at the floor.

Upon exiting the rest room I literally run upstairs to my business associates and ordered them politely to follow me out of the hotel, quickly.

Some five minutes, without yet uttering a single sound, strolling just off the Dead Sea beach, I looked at my female business associate and asked, with a smirk on my face, “are you sure you didn’t walk into the male toilet by mistake?”

So, you wonder; “why on earth is he telling me this?

Olive Oil Label

Well, the moral of the story is that one always needs to read the label very carefully.

Most olive oil producers do not publish on their label clearly, if at all, when the olive oil was pressed or even bottled. In general (there are exceptions i.e. the stability of the olive oil, whether the olive oil was stored with gas) olive oil will not last much longer then a year.

It won’t go bad in the sense that diary products do, but it will oxidize and hence the taste will be degraded and in practice is no longer extra virgin (no negative attributes).

Divine Tastes Extra Virgin Olive Oil always publishes the date of the pressing on its labels. The customer should try to buy from producers that do the same (ideally buy Divine Tastes Olive Oil ;-).

(If only taking a crap was as easy as this) source of picture

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