Every Vote Counts!!!

These are the last hours of the biggest most ambitious project ever to be undertaken by the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008.

A list of ten flowers and ten trees which are of "natural growth" in Israel is currently showing online.
Voters are asked to choose one flower and one tree which for them most symbolize Israel’s natural landscape.

The flower and tree which are chosen are then going to represent Israel in the Olympic exhibition in Beijing.

Whereas the competition between the Anemone coronaria and Cyclamen persicum is toe to toe, both leading with a staggering 28% of the Flowers votes (are we going to go into a tie break?)
There is a clear winner in the Trees votes. The Olive is currently leading with 40% of the votes, followed by the Quercus ithaburensis with only 15% of the Trees votes.

I can not recall such exciting times since …. .

Flowers List:
Anemone coronaria
Cyclamen persicum
Aternbergia clusiana
Urginea maritima
Ophrys carmeli
Lupinus pilosus
Helichrysum sanguineum
Paeonia mascula
Spartium junceum
Narcissus tazetta

Trees List:
Quercus ithaburensis
Populus euphratica
Common olive
Ceratonia siliqua
Arbutus andrachne
Pistacia palaestina
Acacia gerardii
Cercis siliquastrum
Phoenix dactylifera

The voting will close on September 30 at 16:00 (local time)

To place your vote press HERE! (Kind of difficult if you don’t understand Hebrew)
Winners - Flower: Cyclamen persicum (30%) Tree: Common Olive (41%)


Anonymous said...

...exciting times for trees and flowers spotters.

Anonymous said...

I can not recall such exciting times since … the Maccabees defeated the Greeks?

Anonymous said...

The Walkman?
Discovering the structure of DNA?

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