Quiz Update (1)

Only a day only into the Quiz and already so many great guesses!!!


I suspect what is needed is a small tip, so here it is:

For the first question you don't need a High IQ to answer it.

For the second question it is NOT the FIRST thing that comes to mind.

As for the third question EVERYONE seems to send only one answer. (The only tip in that sentence is to send more than one because there are no right answers yet. So don't be shy :-)

By the way my favorite responses so far were "Rechov" which actually only means "Street" in Hebrew and "Rechov Sumsum" which is the Israeli version of Sesame Street.

And no, it is not "Arafat Street" as someone suggested.

Please keep them coming .... ;-)

P.S. don't worry if you already sent an email...send more.

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