Things that kept me away from writing

We all have things that keep us busy. These are some of the things that kept me busy for the past two weeks or so.

The Conference

On September I wrote that we (my self and my partners at the olive oil business) were organizing an olive oil conference.

In fact the conference took place some two weeks ago. It was a great success and exceeded our wildest imagination.

("I hear the grape juice here is outstanding")
("Who said there is no such thing as a free lunch?")

(Pictured: Amin Chasan - The President of the Israeli Olive Council and Gadi Horvitz - Vice President of the Israeli Olive Council)
To name just some of the many interesting topics that were lectured on and discussed:
- Reducing alternative bearing
- Reducing watering costs
- Reducing pruning costs
- Vegetative growth
And much more.

(PRESS PICTURE - to enlarge)

(the effect of irrigation on fruit size) To Enlarge - CLICK ON THE PICTURE

(Everyone had something to say)
Since some 90% of the participants are long time olive farmers everyone contributed.

Other than that, we have been busy with the early harvest.

(Soon to be on your table)
The above picture shows our very first olive oil this year.
We all sat around the table and dipped nice bread into this delicious fruity (6*), pungent (3*) and slightly bitter(2*) olive oil.
Mmmmm it was divine.
* According to my own tasting judgement.

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TeaMasters said...

This olive oil (last picture) looks so much thicker and richer than the clear olive oil in our bottles... Is it because it hasn't been filtered, rested... Why such a difference with regular olive oil?

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