A Seal of Quality? (1)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Quality Sticker
The Israeli Olive Board has its own unique stamp of quality.

Each olive oil producer in Israel, which is also a member of the Israeli Olive Board, has its own unique serial number printed in the middle of the sticker.

This allows one to track back the origin of the olive oil and keep - to limited extend - quality under control.

The following is an example of how it looks on a bottle I found in the Supermarket:


By Costas the Greek said...

Thanks for posting a photo of it, Ido. Do you know if that sticker is required to appear on bottles that are exported from Israeli to other countries? - Costas

Ido said...

Hi Costas,

No, there is NO REQUIRMENT of any olive oil to carry this sticker in Israel or abroad. But it is highly recommended that one buys olive oil carrying this sticker.

This is obviously only one step in the right direction to ensure one actually gets what it says on the bottle.

This reminds me; about a year ago I read that at least 40% of Extra Virgin olive oil on the Israeli market is a fake.

This makes one wonder how many people actually really ever tasted an "Extra Virgin" olive oil - in the USA - which has a lot more imported olive oil and is not a member of the IOOC.

Unknown said...

Consumers need to be more aware of the source of products they are purchasing. Labels like the seal of quality ensure people can purchase products with confidence.

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