Lovely Rita's Tea Pot Collection

Rita Balannik from Beit Shaan in Israel has over 500 tea pots.
It all started some 14 years ago when her son arrived from a trip to England.
Rita was so delighted from her gift that she kept telling about it to anyone who would only listen (from personal experience I suspect she probably told even those who are not interested).

Ever since then, friends and family know what to bring Rita... .

When asked which tea pot was her favorite she replied: "What sort of a question is that? I love them all! Each one is more special then the other hence there is no one that you can say is the most special." - I say "join the philosophy club!"

Press HERE!!! to see a video of lovely Rita's tea pot collection.

However, there is one thing that makes lovely Rita quite sad though, namely the fact that she would like to trade some of her duplicate tea pots and does not know anyone who collects tea pots.

Are you interested in trading some of your tea pots with lovely Rita?

Make her day!
Send her an e-Mail to:

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