A seal of quality – part 2

In part one of the “A seal of quality” the Divine Tastes blog praised the fact that – there is such a thing as a seal of quality issued by the Israeli olive board.

However, how reliable is this seal of quality? A “close source” told the Divine tastes blog about the process in getting the seal of quality. In practice, the process is very simple, and here in lies the problem – it is too simple.

In order to get the seal of quality an olive oil producer needs to send some samples to the board for chemical and organoleptic analysis. Do these tests really take place?Let’s assume they follow all the tests to the dot.

There is still a problem.
In practice so the "source" says there is very little done to ensure that standards are maintained by all companies, everywhere and at all times.
To elaborate a little, once the XYZ olive oil company submitted a genuine extra virgin olive oil to test, it gets the seal of quality.
However, what the manufacturer then really sells to the retailer or what the retailer sells to the consumer is a different story.

There are no, as far as the “source” tell the Divine Tastes Blog, any frequent random shelves checkups. Is it because of lack of manpower & funds? Politics?
Or is it due to the possibility that at the time of bottling the olive oil was of extra virgin quality, but due to oxygen, light and heat it at a later stage, not necessarily caused by the manufacturer but the retailer, it deteriorated?
Or is it something more sinister like the influence of the larger companies who have more to lose? ("Oy Gevalt" - in Yiddish)

Though the “source” tends to think it’s a mix of everything and more, and realizes the complex issues of the timing of the tests after the initial testing, and on who lies the responsibilities of ensuring that the quality is not deteriorated too fast due to bad conditions. The “source” also said that it can not praise enough the continuing hard work and efforts put by the Israeli olive board in making Israeli olive oil – the best.

The Divine Tastes Blog recommends: wherever possible always look for a seal of quality, even better - taste it.

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