"One Lattea, one Latte and a decaf please"

Things I heard/saw recently;

One Lattea

In the begining there was no Lattea - in England.

Towards the late 17th century when tea became insanly expensive and favoured by anyone to have ever set his or her lips on it (and probably even more so by those who have only heared of it from a friend of a friend of a friend) milk was introduced - for better and most definetly for worst.

It was done mainly to dillute the bitter taste (my suspicion is that there were evil reasons for it being so bitter). Very soon, milk became what Mercedes, Private jets and loli pops are today, mainly a symbol of statue.

Put simply: if you had a lot of milk you were poor - (Apart from tea being expensive, I guess the quality of tea one bought was so bad one had to add the cheaper condiment - milk).
whearas the wealthy took their tea undiluted, the middle class poured the expensive tea and diluted it with a bit of milk.
The lower class filled the cup with cheap milk and then added a splash of their precious tea.

So how do you have your Lattea - do you first add the milk or tea?

One Latte

Have a look at this amazing video on Latte Art.

and a Decaf

Did you know that approximattely 80% the tea's caffeine content is released wihin the first thirty seconds of steeping?

Indeed this means that you can Decaf your own tea to enjoy at a minimum cost to flavour. *

* Please see your tea doctor for more details.


Felipe S. said...

Now that I'm moving to Switzerland I think I will have the chance to taste some good teas!
I'm still waiting your reply telling me the news!
Hope to see you soon!

Jason M. Cohen said...

The "fact" that 80% of caffeine in tea is released in the first 30 sec. of seeping is entirely false.
Just another bad fact floting around the internet.
heres the proof:

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