Joining nudist colony! Must sell washer and dryer $300.

The Olive Oil Gazette has produced yet another excellent article about the olive oil market. This time it is about the effect of the recession on the olive oil’s quality.
Quality? At 2.20 A Kilo?

I wonder what the situation would be / is like for small manufacturers of high quality tea. Will they survive? What will tea taste like when all is said and done? Will the art of tea be lost by tea experts finding new jobs? (The good news it survived the great Chinese famine)

In other news
Taliban suicide bombers kill …..
Anti-Semitism in Europe is at all time high ….
Iran has enough plutonium for growing mushrooms....
Joe the plumber beats Obama as the NYT best selling autobiography book...
Harry Potter is dead...

The Weather
“Your weather” is sponsored by the “Yellow Label” tea, voted the best tea for 2009-2010

Today will be cold, tomorrow colder.

"Yes we can!!"

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