Ever wanted to become a hand model?

After the great success we had helping thousands of our readers to become "hair models" (Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - recommended reading - thank you for all the "thank you" letters!) - call me a philanthropist :-)

It is now time to help all those looking for a career in the competitive market of "hand modeling".

This highly complex but natural and extremely effective hand peeling method is sure to reinvigorate your skin and to give you a very refreshing feeling.

Natural Hands Peeling

Step (1): Rub your hands with olive oil for about 30 seconds.

Step (2): Add a spoon of sugar to rub your hands with.

Step (3): Wash your hands with your favorite dish washing liquid and dry.

Obvious Recommendation: Have the sugar ready prior to rubbing your hands with the olive oil.

Natural Nail strengthener

Rub some lightly heated extra virgin olive oil on the nails and around. This will strengthen the nails soften the skin around.

Do you have any great natural cosmetics tips? Let us know.

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Elle Wood said...

Great post. I am always looking to learn more about natural solutions and healing methoElle Wood

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