Small Batches of Olive Oil Production in Ancient Times - not mass production(Part1 of 5)

Manuel Methods of Olive Oil Production in Israel

The production of high-quality from small batches of olives generally used only simple manual methods.

There were generally two parts to the process: 1) Crushing 2) Pressing & Separation

1) CRUSHING - Oil is never extracted from the whole fruit; the olives are first crushed to make the process more efficient. Producers of the very finest oil even used to pit the olives before crushing.

In the future coming parts of this article I would talk about the different methods of crushing. For example, warming the olives and mashing them in small quantities between a hand-held stone and a flat rock. 
Or the faster method of crushing was to roll a stone cylinder over a small pile of olives spread on the flat surface of a rock or in a shallow depression cut into it. 

Authentic Poll Dancer.
Crushing olives with a stone roller. The stone was rolled back and forth between people until the olives were crushed. 

For our audience in N.America, the following is an olive oil press machine in no other place then California. But this seems obvious nowadays. 
However this picture was taken at around 1942. Ohhh America .... everything is so advanced .... :-)

"I think this machine needs some oiling"

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